March 30, 2009

Rock Band Art Themed Accessories

I’ve always loved the art direction and visual style of Rock Band. Most of it was created by Harmonix artist John Dee:

HMX artist John Dee created some of the most memorable art in Rock Band. His designs are featured not only in game menus and backgrounds, but also on Rock Band t-shirts, messenger bags, drum silencers, and other merch.

If, like me, your Xbox is little more than a machine capable of booting Rock Band (and other awesome fake plastic rock games — I don’t discriminate), you might be interested in these official Mad Catz Rock Band Xbox 360 faceplates and skins. Apparently they’re high quality; I’ve heard very good things about them from informal Harmonix chatter on Twitter.


Three styles are available:

  1. Tattoo (black base)
  2. XTiger (white base)
  3. Scorpion (dark blue base)

Similarly, there are official Rock Band Jam Kits that allow you to get that same Rock Band art on your fake plastic guitars and drums, too:


The kits provide officially licensed art on a custom guitar strap, guitar skin, and drumsticks. Available in two styles:

  1. Koi fish (black/red)
  2. Tiger (black/purple)

And if you liked this, definitely check out the officially licensed Rock Band faux drum kick heads, too!


OK, yes, so I’m a sucker for Rock Band. Which part of the “runs an entire blog dedicated to this crap” did you not figure out yet? :)

Hey Jeff, Congrats to you and Betsy! I hope all is well. I am thinking it is time for a Rock Band evening – what about you?

Liam Molloy
March 31, 2009 at 8:01 am

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