August 21, 2009

Rock Band and Guitar Hero Guitar Straps

In Adding a Custom Guitar Strap I mentioned one of the easiest and most effective guitar “mods” is to buy an aftermarket guitar strap.

Most fake plastic rockers don’t know this, but the Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars will accept standard issue guitar straps. The strap pegs are almost the same size and position as a real guitar. You can walk into any guitar store, pick out a custom guitar strap, and use it on your fake plastic guitar.

So, you can get tons of real, aftermarket guitar straps; I’m partial to the Dunlop Lucky 13 series pictured here. There are sometimes issues with the pegs fitting odd straps, but for the most part any guitar strap “just works” on a fake plastic guitar — and they’re often much more comfortable than the cheap default straps, too!

But let’s take a look at the “official” guitar straps for Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

The Guitar Hero store has offered 2″ custom guitar straps for a while. I’ve owned two of these, and they’re not bad. A little flimsy, and somewhat short for my tastes, but a solid upgrade from the default strap for five bucks. My favorite is the “flying cassette”, which was the loading theme for the classic Guitar Hero II.


The Rock Band straps are a bit more understated, as befitting its art style:


They can be had on Amazon:

I haven’t personally used the official Rock Band straps, but they get positive Amazon reviews and cost about $9.

Ironically I just got one of the Guitar Hero straps and it has the cassette design, and I have to say very sturdy and cool design.

August 21, 2009 at 8:57 am

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