September 4, 2011

Printable Rock Band Library Setlists

If you have a big Rock Band downloaded song library, it can be difficult to decide which songs you want to play in a particular jam session.

And who doesn’t have a sizable song library, now that there are over 3,000 DLC songs available, plus the opportunity to import the on-disc songs from older Harmonix games like Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, Lego Rock Band, and so on?

Yes, Rock Band 3 made huge strides in sorting, filtering, and selecting songs from big song libraries, but how can you possibly communicate the breadth of your enormous song list when you can only view 12-15 songs at once?

That’s where Rock Band Karaoke List Maker comes in! Instead of scrolling through page after page of songs on screen to figure out what song to play next, you can present people with a high bandwidth printed list, like so:

It’s a fantastic way to get a “bird’s eye view” of your entire library so you can better decide what to play next. The layout is simple: just a list of songs, grouped by band, in multiple configurable columns and font sizes.

Even better, because it is printed, you can have upcoming players select songs from this menu while they’re waiting their turn to play — so they’re ready to hit the ground rocking! This paper stuff, it’s miraculous!

You can check out my list of DLC as of today, which is (almost) every non-RBN track ever released to September 4th 2011, in this public Google Docs PDF I shared. The awesome part is that this is thousands of songs (literally!) and the whole shebang fits on 5 pages if I use the maximum number of columns and the “small” font … and it’s still quite readable, because printers are extremely high resolution!

The service supports creating these PDF printable song lists from and, so you must start by creating your DLC library on one of those sites first. Personally, I recommend DLCQuickplay as I had the best results there and prefer the simpler UI. It also has convenient “click once” checkboxes for bringing in full-disc DLC imports and collections.

One tip — make sure you properly indicate which platform and disc games you own when signing up, otherwise you won’t be able to select the correct songs under Songs | My DLC at the top of the page. The “Imports” tab is kind of subtle, and I didn’t find it initially, so be sure to look for it where I’ve highlighted below.

Of course maintaining an inventory of your DLC isn’t just useful for printing your song list, but also for comparing songs with other potential online players and bands, too!

So thanks to DLC Quickplay for making their site such a pleasure to use, even for people with monster DLC song lists like mine — and kudos to Troy Davis for putting together such a slick printable PDF song list creator that works with it, too!

I’ll be doing what I can to support both these services, but participation is the best way to begin!

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